I released a new EP today! It’s a collection of tunes made for the Sega Genesis system (or the Sega Mega Drive if you live outside of the Americas). This album has been in the works for a few years, but I felt like it was finished so I released it today! You can buy it on bandcamp here.

…But that’s not all! I’ve even included the chiptune VGM files (which can be played back in Winamp using the Chipamp plugin or on iOS using the Modizer app). I’ve also included a ROM which can be played back on the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive consoles using the Everdrive MD cart (or if that’s too much work, just use an emulator).

…What’s that? Oh yes, the files. They’re (UPDATE 2016-03-21: included with the Bandcamp download! Have at ’em!)

I’ll update when they’re on iTunes and Spotify (UPDATE 2016-03-28: which is now out on itunes! Not yet out on now available on Spotify as of 2016-03-31)!