I’m going to play MAGFest!

Hey there, everybody! I’ve been invited to play the MAGFest Chipspace Showcases for the 8Static block on Friday, 2017/01/06 at 12:30PM, and I gleefully accepted! Here’s the block: Be there-wave or be square-wave!

Mekkwarrior Ringtones!

I made an Android and an iPhone ringtone of my “hit single” of The Aftermath called “Mekkwarrior”. I’m about five years too late, but hey, better late than never. Download here. EDIT 2016-08-12 8:30 AM: Now includes iPhone and Android ringtones for Twilight of the Starfish!

Genesis Sucks, Nintendon’t

I released a new EP today! It’s a collection of tunes made for the Sega Genesis system (or the Sega Mega Drive if you live outside of the Americas). This album has been in the works for a few years, but I felt like it was finished so I released it today! You can buy […]

New Job!

Hey there folks, I got some exciting news to announce: I got a new job at PlayDots as a Quality Assurance tester! If you don’t know what a Quality Assurance tester is, that’s pretty much what a “playtester” does. If you don’t know what a “playtester” does, I’ll let Ron Gilbert explain: Playtesting usually happens one-on-one […]

I won!!!

For the entire weekend of Friday 1/8 through Sunday 1/10, I attended a demoparty called Synchrony at the NYC indie game gallery known as babycastles (BTW, if you don’t know what a “demoparty” or the “demoscene” is, go here). All the time I was there, I worked on a chiptune cover of the John Philip Sousa […]

First Post: Best Albums of 2015

Hey there. I’m Samuel Abram, professionally known as Iron Curtain who does chiptunes, or rather, music made on antiquated computers such as the Game Boy, Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive outside of North America) and Nintendo Entertainment System. I’ve played live with Hannibal Buress and Janeane Garofalo. My mother, Dorothy, made chiptune as far back as 1978 […]

Hello world!

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