Born in the early 80’s in a to two very musical parents – a politically active mother and a very technical father – Samuel Abram grew up around technology, music and politics. His father, Michael, made effects pedals for Electro-Harmonix. His mother, Dorothy Siegel, was one of the early chiptune pioneers at the Philadelphia Computer Music Festival in 1978. He started playing video games since he got his first NES in the late 80’s, it was only natural that Sam would take after the legacy of his parents.
He started making music on the Nintendo Game Boy with a Homebrew program called LSDJ in late 2009 under the handle Iron Curtain, and he has since expanded into Amiga, Sega Genesis (Mega Drive for people outside of North America) and even dabbled in non-chiptune Electronic Music under the name Teepo Familiar. Under his name Iron Curtain, he has performed shows with Hannibal Buress and Janeane Garofalo, has remixed a track of Wizwars’ and has had one of his tracks remixed by Knife City, a side project of Luke Silas of Anamanaguchi.
He made music for the unreleased Choco the Alien from GameDanTeam. He has made music for the web game Union-Buster-Buster. He is currently working on a new album of NES tunes.